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The Composer
I play of the clarinet,  saxophone  flute andof  the piano. With the 7 years age, I began the violin and the piano.As of the 12 years age, I devoted myself to the clarinet and the study of the classical music to the academy of Cracow (Poland). I continued my studies of music in Graz (Austria). I took part with my Quartet in international festivals of jazz where I was distinguished for my musical compositions. There are a great number of recordings of this period. My experiment of musician soloist and overall developed while working with formations with success as "Vienna Art Orchestra" and of the musicians known such as Heiri Känzing, Joris Dudli., Uli Scherer, Peter Ponger, Hary Sokal, Wojtek Groborz, Leszek Mozdzer, Andrzej Cudzich, Gregor Müller, Hugo Helfentein, Heinz Affoltern, Markus Portenier, Rätus Flisch, Tony Renold. Since 1982, I live in Switzerland where I work as professor of music and form of the classes of clarinet, saxophone like several groups of jazz. The last 20 years worked I on that school of music Erlinsbach (AG), school of music Bülach (ZH), school of music Neuenkirch (LU), school of music Arth -Goldau(SZ), school of Music Steinen (SZ), school of music Schwyz (SZ), school of music Rain (LU), school of music Schwarzenbach(AG), school of music Eschenbach (LU), school of music Malters (LU), school of music Hidlisrieden(LU), school of music Rothenburg (LU),
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